Colorful Monsoon Decor Ideas!!

Happy Monsoon to all 🙂 It’s a raining season these days in India. The best way to enjoy the rain is to sit near the window watching the rain and enjoying the tea with pakado. This is the most romantic season for lovers. And these days nature itself is too beautiful & bright that anyone can feel romantic and amazing naturally.

When nature is so beautiful then why not we get the interior beautiful too, so that we feel lovely all the time.

Here are a few ideas that you can look upon to make your home celebrate this season with you.

Make the interior colorful like the time of year. Add some colorful cushions and furniture in the room

Colorful Interior

Colorful Interior

Rainy season is unfinished without umbrella, so why not add colorful umbrellas instead of chandeliers

Bright Umbrellas

Bright Umbrellas

Create some nature to your home by placing just about different flower pots outside the house or at the rooftop


Flower Pots

Be creative and try something new, like the one below and a favorite of mine

Flower Bike

Flowers Bicycle

Any other Ideas? Do comment.


Dream Travel Journey with Skyscanner!!

It’s been a long time that I haven’t travelled and last gone months I was really bored with my hectic life so I intended to change the mood and the best thing I can do for it is to Travel dream places.

Thinking Travelling is easy, but planning & arranging all the stuffs and itinerary is not comfortable. There are a number of sites available to plan a trip, offering deals on flights &hotels but the worst part is they don’t keep it up on the terms they mention, they don’t treat customers well once the payment is made and also have hidden terms. Thus keeping all these points in mind, I was looking for a website that not only provides me the best deal, but great experience also without any bitter point.

One day………OH MY GOD, yippee I found Skyscanner Travel Wizard jinnee of my life who taken me & my sisters in a dream journey without any hectic planning, offering us a great deal and imagine what else… credit points of 1 lakh (I faint).. it all seems dream but no its reality… hurrah.

So now we have 1 Lakh to plan all we want without any tension therefore First , we thought were we want to go as it was my idea therefore I suggested we must go to Malaysia…truly Asia.

Now its Action Time

Opened the

Flight Search

After landing on the homepage of Skyscanner I was very impressed as I found the search tab in front of my eyes. . I didn’t own to look out for it. Search for so user friendly, on each letter that you type in TO section the below list modifies. Have a look to the below image:

Skyscanner Home Page

Skyscanner Home Page

After selecting the leaving and destination airports list of Airlines displays in low to high price format, that’s the best part. On the side of the search there are filter option so anyone can filter the search as per their requirement. Have a look to the below image:

Skyscanner Flight Results

Skyscanner Flight Results

At last a site redirected to me to the other site, the one who was providing the best deal, for booking.

Skyscanner Booking

Skyscanner Redirecting for Booking


We also made the Hotel Booking through Skyscanner and got the best deal, even somewhat cheaper than Indian hotels. See what we saved:

Skyscanner hotel


Masti Time

Finally the time reached when we 3 sisters reached to Kuala Lumpur. See the amazing pic that I took while exiting from the airport:

Airport Exit

Airport Exit

We visited the premier shopping destinations of Malaysia i.e. Suria KLCC. You know why it’s the travelers favorite one.. Due to its location beneath the Petronas Twin Towers, here is the pic:


Petronas Towers

Other interesting places we visited.

Batu Caves KualaLumpur

Batu Caves KualaLumpur

kuala lumpur petronas

kuala lumpur petronas

kuala lumpur i-city

kuala lumpur i-city


We all genuinely enjoyed this stress free and magical Skyscanner journey. Thank you skyscanner for making our dream come true 🙂



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What your Nail Polish color says about you

Hey All,

This is my first post and i am really excited about it. Hope you all have a great time on this blog.

Have you ever thought why the specific nail polish color is your favorite? No, then let me tell you it may reflect your behavior and your inner feelings. So check out what the nail polish color says about you…..

Nail Colors

Nail Colors

1. Red: Means CONFIDENCE.

It not only shows your Strength but also give you statement of glamour.

2. Orange: Means Outgoing

It shows the person’s Cheerful and Creative Nature

3. Yellow: Means Warmth

Girls those like to paint nails with Yellow color have a unique Fashion sense and are self-generated

4. Soft Pink: Means Calm

Light color generally mean for Calm & Quiet nature

5. Purple: Means Artistic

Women wearing this color shows their confidence and unafraid nature

6. Green: Means Nature

Its a strong color and girls liking this color are adventures

7. Neon: Means Energetic

These days neon is in fashion in all wearable and makeup. Women’s liking this color are Energetic and Talkative


So whats your color? Please leave your comment